Pat Chastain founded a one-woman cleaning service that would later become Construction Cleanup Specialists, Inc. The business originally began as a residential cleaning operation.

One of her clients was a superintendent at the jobsite for Colony House, a part of Colony Square which was the first urban mixed development building in the Southeast. The superintendent was extremely disappointed with his union cleaning service, so he began sneaking Ms. Chastain into the building at night so she could clean “the right way.”

It did not take long for the labor union to discover who was behind the night cleanings, and before long Ms. Chastain was met by a union picket line outside of the building, ending her commercial cleaning career.  She was discouraged, but fortunately she had her residential cleaning jobs to fall back on. However, Ms. Chastain’s hard work and effort were quickly noticed by a major construction company, and the Construction Cleanup Specialists, Inc. we know today was born in 1980.

The first major cleaning contract in the company’s history, CCS cleaned all the new construction for the Marriott Courtyard hotels.


This project was a 52 story hotel with 1,663 rooms. At the time of the completion, the atrium was the largest in the world at an astounding 470 feet high.

This hotel consisted of 28 floors and 2,008 rooms. At the time this was the largest hotel in Florida and is still currently the largest Marriott hotel in the world.

As her business grew at a rapid pace, Ms. Chastain was learning how to balance her professional success and motherhood. She took her two small daughters along to job sites and they grew up watching Construction Cleanup Specialists, Inc. acquire larger and more extensive projects every year. Her eldest daughter, Shannon, took a major interest in her mother’s business and began working for CCS immediately after college.

Located in Jacksonville, Florida, this was the first data center cleaning project for CCS.

CCS was a subprime vendor for this massive project, however, CCS did such a great job that this project lead to many projects for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

CCS cleaned the Centennial Olympic Stadium for the 1996 Olympics and then again when it was converted to Turner Field.

CCS cleaned the 680,000 sq. foot dual-sport multipurpose facility before it was opened to the public.

CCS has cleaned multiple phases of this 3.9 million sq. foot facility.

This is also the third largest convention center in the United States!

CCS completed the final construction cleaning services before the Georgia Aquarium opened in addition to ongoing annual cleanings.

CCS obtained its first full service maintenance contract for both janitorial and special cleaning for a mega data center.

Shannon worked hard and learned all that she could about the business from her mother. In 2014, Pat Chastain passed away and Shannon Chastain-Browning became president and CEO of Construction Cleanup Specialists, Inc. She is extremely proud to carry on her mother’s legacy while also leaving her own mark on the company.

She adopted the Rosie the Riveter icon and “Yes We Can” motto to represent female empowerment in the male dominated construction industry.

Keeping the family tradition, Shannon’s daughter, Liz Browning, is the third generation of women to join CCS. She is proud to work alongside Shannon while also keeping Pat Chastain’s memory and reputation for “cleaning the right way the first time” alive for many more generations to come.